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02-11-2005, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
read this whole thing for the first time now, and it seems clear that what Therrien did worked.

I also don't agree with taking things public... you have a problem with the players, you address it in the locker room. But what happens when that doesn't work?

When Therrien tells the players not to take 2 min shifts and they still do... when he asks them to give more to the team, take the games more seriously, but they're still drinking and playing poker till 4 in the morning before a practice the next day? when he asks them to focus and follow team plans, instead they do what they want on the ice, complain to refs and not show a bit of heart in their games?

eventually you have to try something else - and whether we agree with Therrien or not on it, going public with the situation sparked the team.

I think we tend to forget a couple things when talking about dealing with these players... 1) they are paid professionals hired to do a job, and 2) they are still young, still learning, and many of them are still maturing.

This is also nothing like Sotnos' example of how you deal with management professionals... these guys aren't comparable. They are tied to a contract, where they are paid to work. A management professional doesn't do his job, you can fire him, or he can quit, go somewhere else. Hockey players can't. They are the "property" of the team that signs them, and each team invests a lot of money on these players, with coaching, training, and everything else to help them develop their skills as assets to the organization.

If a player needs to be dealt, after hurting his own value by playing like crap, the team has lost money on him.

Bottom line is that what Therrien did, IMO, was right. You don't cross a line until it needs to be crossed, and Therrien felt it was time to cross it because whatever else he said didn't seem to clue in.

Professional hockey players shouldn't be running things their own way. If they're told to have 40-50 sec shifts, they take 40-50 sec shifts... if they need to be ready for a practice the next day, they don't stay up till 4 drinking and playing poker - I mean this is a simple professional way of acting. Do any of you guys that have jobs go drinking and stay up late prior to a meeting the next day, where you need to perform? do you not follow the instructions of your supervisor or boss and instead do things your own way?

these guys IMO showed a total lack of maturity and that's what pissed Therrien off... in his position I would have done the same thing.

And there's no denying the results... reading this thread from when the tirade began to now, it seems obvious the team has responded the way the coach wanted them to... and to credit the coach, he hasn't ignored this, and commented on the improved play of many of his players.

he's given his criticism - publically - when it was called for... and like a good coach should, he's commended his players for their improved play, when they have earned it.
good post, and totally agree.

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