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03-29-2010, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by weems View Post
Leafs fan here.

I watch about one Kings game a week. They have become my second favorite team. The one thing that is evident each time I watch the Kings play is ------

A.) Sean O' Donnell is no longer capable of playing in the NHL. I'm sure he's a positive influence in the dressing room but hes a liability on the ice. He frequently fumbles/bobbles/caughs up the puck. He consistanly gets burned with opposing speed and makes some eye opening defensive blunders. There was a sequence in the third period tonight where he had the puck over by the boards in the defensive zone. He tried about 2-3 times to hack it out (was a very routine play) and wasnt able to get it out on any of the attempts, and the Wilds stripped him of the puck and got a good chance on Quik. Good team guy but really he shouldnt be seeing anywhere near the icetime he does.

B.) Your team has too many defensive only defencemen. Greene, Scudari, O Donnell is too many. Its one thing to have 3 guys who are good in there own zone that can also skate and move the puck but really none of those 3 can do those things. You guys would look so much better with a big minute eater thats a elite pucker, especially to have out there numerous times with Doughty. Kaberle would be a good fit for your team. I just think you have too much grit/plodding defencemen and really need another guy whos very good at moving the puck.

Stoll didnt havea good game tonight. He was shooting it WAY too much on the 5 on 3. He also missed the net on a bunch of shots tonight and made some questionable defensive plays imo.
Thanks for coming over. Next time, I promise the beers will be colder. Your observations are right on. Now, to the more important topic, Leafs and Kings? A little masochistic no?

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