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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
Unfortunately the ABL vs WNBA showed otherwise.

The ABL which did it "right" and tried to grow an independent league failed.

The WNBA which was basically an appendage of the NBA has "thrived" (relatively speaking). Originally, all teams were affiliated with and owned by an NBA team and played in that teams arena. Over time 8 of 12 teas were sold to third party independent owners. Three teams now are in non-NBA markets - two moved, one had their NBA franchise move (Seattle).

For a "WNHL" to have any chance of success (in the US at least) there would have to be a partnership with the NHL - similar to the start of the WNBA - affiliating with NHL teams, but not using their names/logos.

An unaffiliated Women's league could maybe survive in Canada - although the current incarnation the, Canadian Womens Hockey League (CWHL), is a non profit that relies on donations and corporate support.

edit: Small is not the only Olympian interested in developing a pro league.
I fail to see the benefit this would provide to the NHL. What was the reasoning behind the NBA partnering with the WNBA? Is it believed that a women's version of the sport would eventually attract female fans to the men's version?

Because you have two problems with that, if that is the reasoning,.....1) Canadian NHL teams don't need to try to lure women in as fans through a "WNHL"...and 2) the NHL in a good chunk of the states can't lure male fans trying to go after the female fan is putting the cart before the horse.

I think the NHL should be getting it's own house in order before partnering up with a women's league.

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