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03-30-2010, 04:29 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRfan89 View Post
They cut to a camera on Phaneuf who was seen shouting something toward the Ranger bench, probably taunting Avery or making fun of him or something for getting hurt. Honestly, I don't care about that because Sean would've probably done the same if the reverse happened.

And to all the Rangers fans who were crying in the GDT about how all the Leafs fans at the ACC cheering that Avery got hurt... quit being such whiners. Are you telling me that if you were at MSG and you saw Phaneuf get hit and limp off the ice or someone like Crosby or any player you hate you wouldn't cheer also? I guarantee the Garden faithful would do the same. It's one thing to cheer over a bum leg because you know the guy will be alright. It's totally different if you are cheering for someone down on the ice and unable to get up or move, or someone like Savard needing a stretcher. That's when it gets to be outrageous.

But come on, let's not be Pittsburgh or Washington (or Montreal) carebears crying foul that they laughed at Avery getting hurt.
This is kind of disgusting to read. I don't know about the other guys here, but I never cheer on a player getting hurt. It's not a laughing matter. Yes, I would love to see Cindy get knocked 4 feet into the hair and have him sprawled across the ice like a ragdoll, but I don't want to see him get injured. Injuries are not fun. It takes a player away from what he loves to do most, it can damage his career, and the worst part of it all, it makes the player feel like he can't help his team when they need it.

I would never laugh or enjoy a player being injured. Every time I see the words "on the shelf" for ANY player, I get pretty upset. You have to feel really bad for someone getting taken away from their favourite thing to do for months at a time.

Long explanation of why Sean Avery is a good player by Zetterqvist
Heartfully agreed. I feel myself defending Sean Avery's honor as a quality player time and time again to fellow Ranger fans. He has offensive talent despite people seeming to be consistently blind to this. He doesn't fight much, but that's only because he tries to avoid penalties to help his team. Do none of you recall the fights he's been in? He's a beast. He goes crazy in fights, and holds his own for his small size. Give the guy some credit. He's small, but he's tough. And yeah, plenty of people think because of his agitation style he's a dirtbag/*******. You're wrong. Avery agitates to draw penalties so he can win a game. It's nothing personal. I've never seen Avery purposefully attempt at injuring another player. Never seen him laugh at a player getting hurt. I've never seen him act in such a way that implies any kind of harsh personality like that.

There are bigger ********** in the league (Phaneuf, Cooke) that make dirty moves and feel no remorse for injuring other players. Anybody who compares Matt Cooke to Sean Avery does not watch both players play. Matt Cooke is a dirtbag. He tries to go for specifically dirty hits. His hit on Savard should have gotten him a 20-game suspension. Have you ever seen Avery go for a head shot, ever see him try to take someone's knee out (Ovechkin@Gonchar/Others), or push someone head-first into the boards? (Ovechkin, Chara) No. I will defend Avery until the end of time, because he is probably my favourite Ranger behind Lundqvist and debatably, Callahan. You gotta love a guy who puts his heart and soul into helping his team win.

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