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03-30-2010, 08:45 AM
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One thing I noticed about the ps3 recently (friend was buying one), why is it every popular game is one of those God of War style games. You know, game with a storyline you follow, often times there are weapon upgrades, you hack and slash a bunch of ****, and the game is over. I find so many games on PS3 are this style.

Assassin's Creed, GoW, DMC, Infamous, MGS4(lesser extent) all those games are basically the same concept, you have a character, you run from point A of the story to Z hacking and slashing and its over, I don't doubt they have good action and a decent storyline.

Then the rest are shooters and sports games, there isn't much in terms of RPG's, racing games I can wait for GT5, but yeah, it seems like all the games are either 1st/3rd person shooters, sports games or on of "those" types of games listed above.

I've never been a big fan of games like "those" because I find they're all really short and have little replay value, I'm not the kind of person who feels like beating a game over again with the weapons unlocked this time, etc. I beat it once and I'm bored of it, and I just find videogames now a days are heading in this direction where graphics + gameplay are good, but replay value and game length are ******.

That having been said, Star Ocean for the PS3 looks godly. (One of the few games I found that interested me)

I also may be willing to give Fallout 3 another chance now that its 30$, to be honest I played it on PC and wasn't all that impressed, reason being I'm used to Oblivion where right from the get go there's tons of stuff to do, people to kill and lands to explore, I just found Fallout was sort of barren, I know it's meant to be a barren wasteland and all, but its a video game, would've like to have more to do, maybe I'm just a nub but I just found it was really slow to get started and I lost interest.

I like online games so sports/shooters are fine for me, I just wish there were more RPG's, more games of other genres. I own a 360 also and honestly it's plagued by the same problem, the only console with some out of the box games imo is the wii, but most of them end up being pretty disappointing. The wii has games like trauma center which are a cool concept, but plague it with ****** dialogue/stupid story lines nobody cares about.

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