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03-30-2010, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Hum. In my younger days, I had the same problem during my 30's. However, I was working at an Aluminium Boat manufacturing company as an electrician. The welders did care if you were around, especially when you are inside the boat running wires. They just flashed off without warning. So for several years, I had flash burn. It was like someone had opened my eyes and throw sand in it. For years, I would see halos and star burst at night.

I finally quite the job to start coaching hockey for a living and my eye sight came back. 15 years ago, I was jet spraying a cooling tower at an old rink, spraying off the calcified hard water off the cooling pipes and a piece flew up and embedded in my cornea. It sliced a horseshoe shape lap that would open up every time I went to bed.

After about 5 hours of sleeping, I would get dry eye and then move my eyeball opening up this flap. It was like jamming a poker in my eye. I took a lot of pain pills to get over the pain.

Finally I had eye surgery where they took a pin and hit my cornea with a pin needle to fuse the flap to the cornea. That was a pain in the ...

However, the one thing that made everything always better was hockey. Being in the cold rink all the time made it better. Today I have an astigmatism on that eye. This allow me to see multiple moons at one time. But only with things that are far away. Thank god, players aren't shooting at me while I'm in net from their defensive zone. There might be a problem...LOL

Head Coach
Well that is good that you found out what caused yours. I haven't seen a single Moon in over a year now. I had the slit lamp exam as well as a full battery of eye testing. Diagnosis confirmed ... Cataracts. The kind I have are a rarer type and usually people with Diabetes get it. Funny how life is sometimes, you never know what is going to creep in.

My brother by the way has the same thing and weare genetically similar as well as looking similar. We are not even a year apart in age.

I'll just have to wait until it gets bad enough to get surgery to replace the lenses. Not looking forward to it honestly.

Your Cornea thing sounded irritating to deal with, eye issues suck.

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