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Originally Posted by Ragss View Post
In my opinion, being that I'm 6'5, foot speed and acceleration seem to suffer the most.
I was watching a show on NESN about bruins prospects being worked with and being coached by Don Sweeney long time bruins Dman who is small compared to big players.

He pulled one guy aside and he was mic'ed ... he told him that because he was big he didn't have to get his feet going with a quick chop type start foot over foot. he said the time you take to do that you have lost a step, he told him because he was big and had such a big stride that it doesn't take a big guy long to get up to speed.

Smaller guys look faster but they aren't is my point. The big power skaters on a straight away usually skate as fast as the small guys or even faster because of stronger legs and a bigger stride. The small guys are more agile which is the difference there. Think of it as drag racing one car in a different horsepower class than another. The drag race car isn't going to win a race on a dirt track off=road type race. People need to know what they are driving and work it into their style of play.

the biggest difference maker in speed is using the correct hollow for your weight and height in your skate blade. Drag will slow you down from a hollow that is too deep.

Mike Gartner won the first speed contest at the all-star skills comp, he was a big guy over 6ft, Bill Guerin too ... etc.

have any small guys won that? I do not recall any honestly. Not syaing none did I just do not remember anyone standing out that was small.

Mike gartner by the way used a very shallow hollow which allows for more glide and speed but takes away from agility.

I use a shallow hollow and I am as fast as the small players much younger than I am. However they are more agile than I am with footspeed. Footspeed doesn't make you a faster skater by the way.

Anyway themz my thoughts on it.

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