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03-30-2010, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Feeling less combative today but you are proving my point that you can't count on Avery to put in a full season. If a guy continually can't play a full season, you can't spin that into his stats would be better if he could manage to stay on the ice.

Under that logic, I'll claim that Forsberg is still the best player in the game.
But most of that time has not been because of suspensions, so it's not as if Avery is just an idiot who hurts his team. Avery played in 76, 75, 84, 57 (due to injury) 41 (due to the Dallas fiasco), 69 (so far this season) in his last six seasons. So outside of the one "lost" year that he split between DAL/NYR and the season before when he was injured, he hasn't missed that much time and has put up the actual numbers I mentioned, not just projected totals. Would you give up on Gaborik if he misses 30 games next season? When Avery is healthy, as a Ranger, he has produced at a 45 point-per-82-game pace, even with this slow season. So, that doesn't mean you can necessarily rely on him for 45 points a year, but if he dresses in 70 games it means you can generally expect around 35+ (still solid production from a third liner who brings more than just offense) and it's not like he's taking up a roster spot when injured, so hopefully in those handful of games you're getting production of some sort from his replacement.

Avery, for better or worse, is a leader on this team. He leads with his play sometimes, as well as when he does things like fight Carcillo, following the Gaborik/Carcillo fight, and he is evidently a leader in the locker room as well, collaborating with Lundqvist to schedule team meetings and such. He's well liked by his teammates and does a good job of drawing penalties (in excess of the ones he takes himself) and having an effect on the mental side of the game of his opponents. If you read my longer write up on Avery a few posts after my first response it's hard to argue against him. He might not have dressed in 82 games a year as a Ranger, but he is BETTER than a .5 point-per-game player, CAREER, as a blue shirt. How many on the current roster can say that?

Edit: And for my money Forsberg WAS the best player in hockey when he was Avery's age and plagued by injuries. Obviously, because he would miss so much time, other players ended up with better season totals, but when Foppa was on the ice he was the most lethal player around and I doubt many teams would not have wanted his services. Obviously Avery is nowhere near the talent Forsberg is, but the fact that he misses maybe 10+ games a season, except for DAL/NYR year, doesn't make him less productive.

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