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Originally Posted by xxjimmypxx View Post
I was in Murphy's group, our Customer service rep leaned over to Homer at the beginning and whispered to him. He knew we were coming, stood up took his jacket off and said "I hear this group is rowdy" and went right on the attack, walking up and down the aisles while people were grilling him. At one point in the beginning, a guy yells at him "We don't care about any other team we care about the Flyers" the lady in the row to the right of him was yelling "PAUL THESE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS."

All in all, it was definitely worth the 3 1/2 hours I dedicated to it.
I missed the first 30 seconds as the kid and I were trailing the group. It did seem, though, like there were additional bodies at the Holmgren session -- people who were there that besides Homer and Paddock like some kind of protection, even though I think just those two guys could take on the majority of any group there last night.

Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post
Murphy-since we were the first group with the prospects, they didn't have the video up and running yet and we didn't get to see it? Anything interesting or of note?
Lehtivouri was perhaps the most impressive of the highlights to me. His highlights make Carle very expendable. But those were only the highlights.
Four of the players had time in Philly, so I'd have liked to had more of the guys who hadn't reached Philly yet. One of those four was Backlund, who played Saturday, which probably made his highlights worthwhile. I was all for starting Backlund on Saturday even though I saw him in the preseason and was completely unimpressed at the time. He has progressed this season compared to what I saw in September.

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
What? Under the NHL rule-book, that wasn't reviewable by Toronto, it's an on-ice call only.

We're the refs on the headset? I don't recall now.
Under the NHL rule book, that was a good goal and was signalled as such on the ice. Someone else posted the rule (69.6 maybe???) but it should have counted.

Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Thanks Murphy for the recap. What did they say in response to the dinosaur comment?

Man it sounds like there were some unhappy fans with Holmgren. I love it.
My kid was too busy getting a kick out of "dinosaur." Maybe Jimmy can help with the reaction of Pryor/Luce.

The big thing is the Flyers' front office knows we're coming. They surely know what to expect and probably have met a few times to discuss topics. Yet they handled their sessions with a touch of emotion that proved that it wasn't all scripted and that they do care.
I've been hard on the writers covering the team here because the snipets we see from postgame on TV are the dry cliches that get written into their stories. There seems to be few times when players are pressed for answers -- except when getting into a tiff with Richards.
With the team struggling, this was a great opportunity for the FO to point to the injuries and throw up their hands. They seemed candid and they seemed to care. You could see and hear the emotion from Luukko as the guy said he wouldn't renew his tickets. Homer, knowing people at the event want him to be fired, was genuine when he asked the fan, "What, don't you think we want to win, too?"
Everyone asked seemed to be sincerely frustrated by the lack of consistent effort.
I've been on the fence about renewing my season tickets for next season. I don't go to all of the games because of distance and work schedule, and have lost ST partners to the economy and the indifferent play over the past three seasons, which means I've got to peddle tickets a game at a time.
But yesterday, I saw an organization that admitted not all is right, and that they plan to fix the issues (even goaltending). Have they got a way to go to create a true fan experience at a game? Yes. A few more giveaways would go a long way toward that. Even just create a free program, or one that goes for a buck. Something I can hand to the kid and let them get distracted for a while. My kids love the face painting when they have it. Or the thundersticks. I'm spending adult ticket prices for them and buying concessions (ice cream, cotton candy, etc.) that I don't buy when I bring my wife or a friend.
I've got to say the team seems very generous during the pregame skate, and I hope that continues. Hartnell handed his stick to a guy right at the beginning of the skate Sunday. Several players tossed pucks into the stands. People appreciate that.
I remember some of the great deals they offered this season while trying to fill the Wach. I was concerned that non-STH might get a better deal than I got.
But looking at how things work out -- with the new premium pricing that raises ticket prices for big/popular games and the fact that season ticket prices remained the same again, I will probably keep my tickets (though I am stuck searching for people to pick up any number of games). They've added perks to keep your tickets, and I've already seen seats in the second row of the upper level marked available. And reading on another board that there the team is bracing for a STH drop rate of 10% or more, I am hopeful of landing in the front row of the mezz, or a great lower row in the Center 6.
I wish the team won more often, but they can't guarantee that (though, with the right moves in the summer ...). I wish parking wasn't going up to a whopping $17 a game. If parking was just $5 a game, they'd make $50,000 a night. Even $8 a car is a minimum $3.5 million a year just from the Flyers. Without planning and luck, you can't get out of their lots. That's the one place where the team shows no interest in taking care of its fans. But I can work around that.

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