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03-30-2010, 02:08 PM
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i totally agree with the discussion of structural weaknesses in the kings' game. you guys are right on with the problems of puck support, spread out forwards, a one-man forecheck, and problems moving the puck up the ice. i totally agree that the team has major, system-wide issues in execution right now.

BUT, i think that the reason this slide has been extended, is a combination of these structural issues and some serious misplays at critical times in games. how many own-goals do the kings have in the past few weeks? i can think of like five. and, similarly, the power play has come to be a momentum killer (sorry, i know this is the "even-strength" thread, but the two are inextricable linked), for what i think are two reasons. first, WAY too much is being asked of jarret stoll. he's basically the go-to guy, and he's just not that good. and second, kopitar has pulled a major disappearing act. he's been hiding behind the half wall for a good stretch of games now, and this forces other players to make the big plays on the power play, with associated negative consequences. see the first point above.

it seems like in the past this season, there have been games where the kings made dumb plays, or lost momentum, or whatever, but their system was strong enough that they could climb back into the game. then, there were other games in which their system was not particularly effective, but they were able to collapse effectively enough and get good enough goaltending to keep the game close. then, the big players could make a few key plays and pull out a win. right now, we have neither of those things working for us. the big players have looked awful--kopitar and smyth have been particularly disappointing in my view--AND the system is out of sync. the result is clearly the worst stretch of the season.

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