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03-30-2010, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Wait Wait Wait. My post had very little to do with or against DL. I just think TM (and DL's faith in him) needs to go.

And if we are talking foxholes, our PP is perfectly set for that. You see in Hockey, movement is KING. You just SIT in a foxhole, and like Jarret Stoll, just keep shooting no matter what you hit.

Our coach over-played our first string goalie into oblivion.

Our coach cant figure out after two years which players fit best with which players.

Our PP coach can't fathom anything other than to stick a guy at the half boards, keep the points planted (or sitting in their foxholes) and move the puck around the perimeter waiting for an opening rather than utilizing a fluid, dynamic, passing, cycling, slashing to the net PP that most of the top teams now utilize.

Nothing can be done but ride this train out, but as a longtime fan you must know that this looks so similar to other late season slides, but our coach thinks "EVERYTHING IS FINE."

Forgive me if that seems a little to me like fiddling while Rome is burning, but if you have watched this team, as I know you have, you can not think that after this four (soon to be five) game slide, after they way they bent over for Chicago, after the wiffs and numerous missed shots (tell me how high did Stoll shoot that puck over the open net in the first period?) and just stupid plays, that something is NOT wrong with this team.

Its not DL's fault at this point, he's put together a team which can play great. We have all seen it. But the coach can't see that something is wrong and maybe, just maybe, that is because he doesnt want to accept that he bears a good portion of the responsibility for it himself.

Make no mistake, I think this team can play far better than they have been. I think this team has something going WRONG with it right now. Brown's comments are nothing if not indicative of that. The coach meanwhile seems not fazed at all by a team that can't seemingly win to save its own life. You know, maybe its not his coaching but his vision that needs to be checked.
First off that other post was half tongue in cheek . I know you weren't on Lombardi's case, just having a little fun with it.

On a more serious note, just because Terry Murray says everything is fine to the media and even to the players, doesn't mean that's what he thinks. He has been a coach in the NHL for a long time and obviously feels that a kick in their collective backsides isn't the right approach right now.

The Kings are gripping the stick a little tight these days. I think that is to be expected. I want to see them see as much adversity as possible this season, it's the only way they are going to learn.

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