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Originally Posted by PlagerBros View Post
SeanConn- Wow, you seriously have no clue. Using your logic we should all use tube skates since two of the three best players of all time used them and we should tuck our jersey's into one side of our pants and secure it with velcro since the third did that.

Oh, and I have been flopping my tongues since I started skating at the age of two (back in the mid 70's) and have never had any issues with flexibility, support or any of your other red herrings.
not really, im just saying my preference is to not flop out my tongue to a ridiculous extreme as I wouldn't feel as much pressure on my lower leg on the tongue, which im used to.

I don't tuck my tongue behind my shin guards, i have them out, but not flopped out like a freaking idiot. flopping out all crazy will definitely have a minute affect on your skating if you are actually using proper technique. but considering most of guys are yanks, you don't know crap all

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