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02-12-2005, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Pensfan86
I swear, people take the game more seriously in A league adult hockey then they do in my midget aaa games. I mean in minor hockey players might chirp at the ref here and there, but in adult league games its just constant b****ing.
The major difference between elite minor and even junior hockey and adult rec leagues, is that the players in minor and junior, while they might ***** a lot, they still respect you as an official if you are giving an honest effort at your job. Rec players, for the most part, have zero respect for officials.

During a midget or a junior game, I can chat a bit and maybe have a laugh with a player, given the situation is appropriate. In rec games, the second you try talking to players for almost any reason, they look at you and tell you to f*** off.

It's pretty sad. I'm not doing rec next season. I'm finding it to be more of a detriment to my career in serious hockey.

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