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03-30-2010, 09:10 PM
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Exercise question - Squats

Recently I've been able to join a gym again, and have been putting more time into my legwork to help with my play.

Just wanted to get some opinions on what type of squat program some of you might use or have used, and have seen results with. Right now I'm about 4 weeks in to it, and generally do 5 sets/12 reps per, with a weight that makes the last 3 reps fairly tough. I think one week I went heavier and did 8 reps per set. I'm still acclimating to it and my recovery is going a bit faster this week than the last few. Right now I only can do legs 1 day a week, as the recovery takes several days.

Now I do other leg exercises too and deadlifts, cardio, etc... but the squats are the core of the strength workout for me. Any advice or info on reps/sets/frequency, etc....would be appreciated. Thanks!

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