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03-30-2010, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Harpoon Pete View Post
Actually, they have (2), you just beat me to it. Haha..

Sorry to steal some of your thunder but this is something I have been debating for a while. Only if the market around here would show some of the games. I live in Northport, AL - about 5 hours away from Nashville - and you'd think, from the TV coverage that this team was in Idaho or something. I do not get that.

But anyways, the backstory behind me is this. I love hockey, I played some hockey, but havent watched hockey in 13 years. I was a Hartford Whalers fan, and a season ticket holder from 1984-1997. After they left, hockey went from just below college football/NFL to somewhere around tennis (which is a sport that I rarely watch, no offense to any tennis players in the house). It was really just dead to me.

In 2004, I moved to Nashville on a whim. I attended University of Alabama and the closest place to there - where I could land a job and not get taxed to death turned out to be Nashville. I actually lived near Goldrush (on Elliston) and the GEC was a short cab ride from where I lived, and combine that with the Titans craze that is Nashville, I gave hockey a chance. Of course, with my luck, I had the seats picked out (the zone) and the payment sent ,... and the NHL went into a lockout.

Fast forward to now, and I had watched a few games - but this year's olympics reminded me that hockey is a pretty cool sport, and maybe there is a team that is near bye that I can support. To me, hockey is fun to watch on TV - but it's even better in person.

You will have to bear with me though. I know the sport but could not tell you more than 10 people or so that are NHL players. I don't know the Predators, or who's good/bad/needs to be traded/needs to be signed as a FA/...etc. I am going to need to play catch up some.

With that being said, I look forward to getting back into the game (so to speak) and being able to take my wife (who is a newbie in terms of hockey) to a game. Ill be around the forum and so I am sure that I will get all of the information needed to really get into it next season.

Chances are that if you see a guy wearing a Hartford Whalers (green) jersey or a Bring Back the Whalers shirt next year (with a predators hat, of course) it's most likely me.
As a fellow transplant from Hartford, I welcome you to the fan base!

After the Whalers left I was really lost, but came to the realization that summer that I loved the sport too much to allow Karmanos to steal it away from at the age of 14, I worked all summer and earned enough money to purchase two season tickets to the Wolf*Pack (needed a ride) and remained a season-ticket holder till the day I moved to Nashville in July 2004...where, like you, I was promptly greeted with the lockout...

Bought Predators season tickets two days after the lockout had officially ended and have to say that this team has completely taken me over...they work hard, are well-coached and managed, and overcome extreme odds on a routine basis on the road to success...things the Whalers seemed to never do...

The fan base is rabidly passionate and very knowledgeable and has brought a whole slew of new traditions to the NHL that make it so unique and fun to be a part of...

I know you'll enjoy welcome to the boards!!!

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