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03-30-2010, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Zetsyuk View Post
Pilppula has been amazing for us this year, he's taken huge strides. Ericsson.... not so much.

Howard is obviously the source of everything good in my life right now.
Since the Olympics. I don't remember him having a particularly spectacular Olympics either, but once everyone got back, they've been ramping up nicely.

Originally Posted by arice89 View Post
I mentioned this in the GDT... but hasn't the PP looked way more dynamic? This may just be a result of having real PP personnel out there but there's been a lot more movement -- something a lot of us have wanted for a while.
I was just saying that at home after the last game. Great movement, with the 2 forwards always circling around, D jumping in, a forward taking the point to cover, but they just keep moving the entire time. Nice to see. Maybe another Olympics bonus?

Originally Posted by MetalMilitia View Post
Could it be that the injuries equal a blessing in disguise? I think so.

Thought crossed my mind too, that some of the horses got some rest this year. Lids, Dats and Stu though didn't get that break, although Rafalski didn't miss to much time either. Three guys have played all 76 games (Lids, Stu, Bert); Drapes w/75, Dats with 74, and Raf with 72.

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