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02-12-2005, 12:50 PM
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I blame the players for 90% of it. Their sport is basically off the radar of 85% of sports fans in the US. They have squat for a TV contract because only a few of us watch ( hence the glowing puck to attract more viewers). The players have to realize that beach volleyball gets better numbers on tv than hockey. TV ratings for playoff games only really get interest in certain markets, and that interest is very small (last year more people watched poker than the semifinals). The owners know that they can't trust themselves with their own wallet, so a cap protects them from themselves. A hockey player making 10 mil a year is retarded, even 7 mil is way too much. The best football players barely make 10 and most make a lot less than 7. Who do more people watch? A sunday afternoon football game gets more tv viewers and fans than a stanley cup finals! Did the owners pay those saleries? absolutely and that's why they need a hard cap to protect all of the small market teams from the teams that have the deep pockets to spend. Hockey teams rely more on the draw to the game for revenue than in any other sport. Do you want to pay $60-100 for a game? Imagine what a family would pay? Screw the players, come back next season with replacements that want to play and I'll be there. Unions suck!

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