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03-30-2010, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
He doesn't stay healthy. He is hated whenever he leaves a team (sometimes before, remember Modano). He isn't a scorer, by any definition. He intimidates no one with his antics. He whines to the refs incessantly. The refs can't stand him, and yes that's his fault, and costs the team he is on. He cost the Rangers dearly in the playoffs against Washington last season.

Those are all blatant negatives. What are his positives, other than some of the fans get a kick out of his antics?

I went overboard in my original post because I regard him as a gigantic negative. Apologies for that. Now instead of insulting a poster, why not post his positives.
i disagree with a lot of your points on avery. what did he cost us in the playoff series vs washington? he was stupid i agree with that in game 4, but we won the game so i dont know what he cost us.

2nd his antics do work. in the last game against philly he won that game. he changed that whole game by himself. and if we go back further, i consider him the mvp of that atlanta playoff series. kovalchuk was dropping gloves instead of scoring goals. and he was huge in the devils series. took one of the best goalies ever off his game and also put up good numbers.

now as far as his positives, from what ive been reading about this season it seems like he has emerged as a leader on the team. obviously i'm not in the locker room and can only go off what i read, but i love that in a player. i mentioned his antics already. he does stand up for guys, he goes after guys that throw hits on the rookies and he fought carcillo when no one else would. one of the biggest things that i love about avery is that while clearly not a goal scorer or a play maker he can change a game. if he is skating and throwing the hits and being effective i think it motivates other players.

all that being said i dont really like some people saying you dont win a cup with guys like avery. why not? he is a role player and he is the best at his role. every great team has role players. the lemieux comparison is a little unfair. yes they are both aggitators but claude lemieux for some reason i cant explain it was a beast in the playoffs. he has more points in the playoffs than mario. guys like gaborik might not even play that well in the playoffs. so after all that i think averys positves out weigh his negatives, especially since we have a great penalty kill. also, we could make a huge list on pros and cons with our 2 best players gaborik and henrik. meaning just about every player outside of crosby and ov have negatives to their game

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