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09-27-2003, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Leetchie
Matthew Barnaby does a fine job playing checking winger -- he's not a "defensive specialist" but he's responsible enough and he makes up for the lack of defensive play you'd want in a specialist by being a pest and getting under the skin of the top opposing players.

As for the other winger on the "checking line"... Dominic effin Moore.

I don't care what anyone says -- he's the best option, if you want a pure checking line.

I'd go with these...


I see no problem with playing Moore on RW -- Colorado never has any problem turning centers into wingers (see Drury, Deadmarsh, and more recently, Tanguay), so why should we?

It's much harder to turn a winger into a center than the opposite. The center ice position requires much more responsibility in their own end.

On a side note, Rucinsky has played very well in pre-season. I like him. He might be our fastest skater right now.
Everyone wants Moore to be another York so badly that they're willing to overlook his actual play. York would have been a good fit on Holik's wing because despite his size, he was very smart defensively. Moore, while I think he could turn into a fine 2-way player, is no Mike York. He doesn't have the same style. He doesn't have the same smarts. And he is not the answer to our checking woes. Arvedson would have helped a lot. If we could get Moreau out of Edmonton for a spare part, he would help a lot. But Moore, he'd be another kid not being played in the proper role. He's an offensive player, not a checker. Like Lundmark, he wouldn't be so bad on that line if the other wing was manned by a defensive forward. But the point remains the same: we cannot throw Holik out there with nothing but pests and offense-first players as wingers and expect him to check top lines.

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