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03-31-2010, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Seanconn View Post
makes sense to me, since it's only been Americans beaking me this whole time.

I think ive made it clear I don't think flopping out your tongue to an extreme like Ovi does is going to really change your ability to skate for 90% of skaters. Put for skaters who take big powerful strides opposed to quick short ones, I think it really does make a difference. that is all. not a huge difference but it a difference nonetheless.

how bout this, next time I go to the rink I will try to flop out my tongue as far as I can. But im pretty much positive it would bug the hell out of me and I would notice a difference.
Do you not understand why you are getting "beaked"?

It is because what you are saying in countless posts including the one I'm replying to is completely wrong and has no logical basis, not because you are Canadian and I am American.

I think its been made clear several times in different ways by different posters that tongues in or out have no effect at all on speed. IT IS STRICTLY A COMFORT ISSUE, NOT A PERFORMANCE ISSUE.

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