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02-12-2005, 03:27 PM
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interesting quote...and what a lot of us have been saying

Roger Noll, an economics professor at Stanford University who studies sports business issues, questions if some small-market and Sun Belt franchises will survive longterm. Within 10 years, he envisions a North American super league stripped of perhaps a dozen current franchises, which would fold or become minor-league clubs.

``The notion that the NHL can solve its problems with a salary cap is ludicrous,'' Noll said. ``It will increase profits for the best teams, but it doesn't make the small-market teams viable. The disparity of revenues across the league is greater than in any other sport, and there's no salary solution to that problem. Some teams have 25 times (the local TV revenue) of other teams. The only solution is to get rid of the small-market teams or subsidize them.

``Even if salaries were zero dollars per year, I question if some small-market teams would have enough revenue to cover costs. Blowing up the league is the likely outcome because the big-market teams don't see revenue sharing as being in their best interest,'' Noll said.
as for having a shortened season being bad...dunno, some people won't like it cuz they think it cheapens the stanley cup. i'd say maybe do more of a "tournament" instead of awarding the stanley cup? i mean it's a cop out but i think it might be better than just having no hockey at all. have a short season and then a "playoffs" that are more a tournament style or something. meh, a lot of people probably wouldn't like my idea and just say "why not cancel the season". well, i for one would like to see some hockey this year, so i'd watch it. second, you're not awarding a stanley cup so your'e not really cheapening that're just kind of getting the teams back together and letting them play each other to give the fans something back after this lockout. and yeah i wouldn't charge full price tickets or anything either

but that's just me...and it's unlikely they'll get a CBA done at this point anyways, so who cares

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