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03-31-2010, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Zetterqvist24 View Post
Sean Avery (don't freak out until you READ the whole thing).

***Mods, feel free to merge this elsewhere if you feel it doesn't deserve it's own thread. I do, simply because in trying to make a quick defense of Mr. Avery in a different thread, I came to some interesting realizations that I wanted to share with a broader audience.***

Anyone with a little bit of time on their hands could discover the following just as easily as I have, but due to mid-season trades and the Dallas suspension fiasco, Sean Avery has a pretty fragmented career statistics sheet and I don't think most Rangers fans, let alone hockey fans, realize that Sean is, well... as good as he is.

Sean began his career with the Detroit Red Wings (01-02). By now most of us know the Wings like to ease their players into the roster and so Sean only played in 36 games in his first NHL season. He played exclusively on the 4th line with no PP/PK time and finished with only 4 points. A completely inconsequential start to a career, but we should also know, by now, that you don't pass judgment on a young player in their first handfuls of games.

The next year (02-03) Sean played in 39 games for the Wings before being traded to LA were he played an additional 12. In 51 total games, the bulk of which were played on the 4th line in DET, Sean boosted his output to 15 points (24 point-per-82-game pace).

The next year (03-04), as an LA King, Sean would play his first FULL NHL season. He would again boost his output, as well as improve on his overall pace. In 76 games he managed 28 points(just over 30-per-82 pace).

The 04-05 season was lost to the lockout. When the NHL resumed the following year in 05-06, Sean's game took another big step forward. In 75 games, the pest managed 38 points (good for a 41.5-per-82 pace).

In 06-07 Sean began the season in LA. In 55 games there he managed 28 points. He was traded to the Rangers mid-season where he played in additional 29 games and put up 20 points. In 84 total games he managed 48 points (which drops to 46.8-over-82).

In 07-08 Avery only managed to dress in 57 games for the Rangers, but during that time he continued his great pace as a blue shirt (from 20-in-28 the following season) racking up 33 points (good for a 47.5-per-82 pace).

Sadly, Sean departed NY and began the 08-09 season in Dallas. He got off to a very mediocre start, putting up 10 points in 23 games. After his "sloppy seconds" fiasco Sean returned to NY where most fans welcomed him back. In just 18 games back in blue, he managed 12 points; a fantastic pace once again. In 41 total games he put up 22 points (good for a 44-per-82 pace).

Now in the 09-10 season, which has been a disappointment in all regards for NYR fans, Avery has slowed somewhat on a team that has seen tremendous offensive struggles. Still he has managed 31 points in 69 games so far (good for a 36-over-82 pace).

Somehow, despite these facts there is a league-wide perception of Sean Avery as a ~20 point player. Further, fans outside of NY feel that Avery is a cancer to whatever team he is on. While Sean may not have fit in everywhere he's played, the evidence that he is a fish-in-water in NY suggests the contrary here. In fact, while Avery has shown he is much closer to a 35-40 point player overall, he has put up 96 points in 173 career games as a Ranger; a 45.5-over-82 pace, including 09-10 which has been a down-season for everyone.

A lot of teams have pests and agitators on their roster. This includes some of the most successful teams in the league (Matt Cooke on the defending champion Penguins?). Not many of these teams can claim that their 3rd/4th line pests are nearly as productive as Sean Avery, nor as effective at... well, agitating. I know that Sean is largely loved and embraced by the Rangers fan base, but I also see a fair handful of NYR fans here on these forums who seem to dislike him. How many of you have realized that Sean Avery averages 45 points per 82 games as a Ranger? How many of you realized that Avery is AS offensively productive as he is? Did anyone realize that prior to THIS "aberration" of a season, he had averaged 51+ points-per-82 games as a Ranger?

In my opinion, Sean is as much a part of the core here in NY (in part because there is no other team in the NHL that Sean Avery should be playing for) as many others whose names are consistently mentioned. That goes from his consistent production, to his obvious popularity among many of his teammates, to doing things like calling team meeting along with Lundy. It may annoy fans of other teams that Sean "doesn't fight enough" or that he's a "turtle", but how does that hurt us? I distinctly remember Sean giving Carcillo a beating after the Gaborik fight, and by that I don't just mean that Sean dropped the gloves - I mean he clearly won that fight. So, he picks his spots. He's more effective through not fighting anyways, as players STAY annoyed by him and chase him around all night when they're not able to just drop the gloves and settle it. Let Prust fight. Let Shelley. Sean does exactly what he is supposed to do, and even when many of you think he's not contributing, he is actually one of the most consistent Rangers on this roster. Does he take dumb penalties sometimes? Sure, but it comes with the territory and he more than makes up with it with his solid "better than average" 3rd line production, the penalties he draws and the overall effect he has on opposing players. Plus as abrasive as his personality might seem to others, he's never been a cheap-shotting ******* :ahem: Fans of the 29 other NHL teams will probably never like Sean Avery, but as a die-hard Rangers fan, I say "long live Sean"
not trying to be an ass but this sounds like a giant list of excuses as to why he doesn't score more, mixed in with a pitty party for your man crush

i judge avery with my own eyes and this is what i've seen:

@2mil/year he's a great addition to a team....3rd liner with some edge that that verges on stupidity that can draw penalties, who's good for about 10 goals a season

@4mil/year he's a major under achiver...3rd liner with some edge that verges on stupidity that can draw penalties, who's good for about 10 goals a season

walking away from avery at that price was one of the smarter things Sather ever did

avery is, was, and always will be a 3rd/4th line talent

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