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03-31-2010, 12:06 PM
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I tend to agree with Justin - my form is decent now, I've actually asked a few trainers to watch and they gave me some adjustments. The muscle soreness is the good kind for sure. I think I might be turning the corner this week as I'm recovering faster. It's been about 4 years since I've done any heavy leg work.

Next time out, I'll lower the reps with heavier weight. I'm careful with my knees so I didn't want to load up until I got the joints and ligaments up to speed.

My other exercises include leg press, incline hack press, and usually a dumbell lunge or single leg press. I only do about 3 sets per on those though. I'll end with some time on the bike to loosen up the legs.

That Bulgarian squat looks good - I'll try it. I like that it has the balance in there as well. I'll try the Front Squat at some point too. Last time out, I managed to really shred the quads on the leg press by adjusting my foot positioning.

I had a good Plyo routine someone of this board gave me last summer. I drifted away from it but saw some benefits when I was doing it regularly. Even last game, I saw the difference from 4 weeks - my legs felt really good in the 3rd period and had far less lag in my foot speed.

Do you think I could work up to doing the legs 2 times a week? Would that be too much?

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