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09-27-2003, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
With Torres it might be what we expect from differing points of view. I expect, since he does not have the offensive skill to get points regularly, that Raffi Torres should be out there skating like a maniac, laying people out every shift or two, in order to be worthy of a roster spot, and he isn't. He doesn't have the hands to expect him to put up points in a meaningful way, but he has to make something happen somewhere. If a guy is going to occupy a roster spot, and not make a difference in some way regulary, I'd at least give that spot to someone who can shoot well when they have a half-decent chance.

With Luoma vs. Bergeron, I think it was watching different areas. I expect Bergeron to pinch and get beat sometimes, BUT, a forward on the ice is supposed to have him covered, and offensive d-men are told to be aggressive because of this. He didn't have a stellar game, so it wasn't surprising to me that he'd be bashed on here, but in his own end, he was solid.

Luoma backs off in a hurry, so you know he's going to be back there, but something you really have to watch for are A) getting burned wide, and B) giving up odd-man situations right in front of your net. Luoma was guilty of both on multiple occaisions tonight. He looked HORRID on Minnesota's 2nd goal, and I had a great view, maybe 20 feet away. There is ZERO excuse for getting cleanly burned wide when you're supposed to be a defensively strong defenceman in the NHL. Bergeron was in the right spot that time, and made it so all Ty had to do was put his stick down and stop the pass, unfortunately, this didn't happen and it was in the net.
What I saw from Bergeron is pinching on low percentage plays. What I mean by that is even if he wins that battle nothing is really going to happen anyway. Any coach will tell you that this has them pulling hairs. And it wasn't just a couple of times it was about six and I believe two of them resulted in goals against! And on that second goal, it was Bergeron's bad pinch that caused Luoma to be in trouble in the first place! You have to look at the whole play, not just the play in the own zone!

As for being beat wide, Bergeron was also beat wide on a few occasions and then didn't get himself back in the proper position to compensate.

IMO it isn't a great pairing. Bergeron needs a steady, experienced dman to play with because he is a high-risk, high reward dman.

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