Thread: TSN 1260: Tambo on Oilers lunch Today
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03-31-2010, 02:29 PM
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-Talking about Detroit and how they built their team.
-Stauffer asks if Edmonton wants to use that template?
-Tambo goes on endlessly about nothing and not answering the question directly.
-Stauffer telling one of his stories that are supposed to lead into a question. Then asks about the draft.
-Drafting is important according to Tambo. Amazing insight. "Its the best way to sustain success."
-Stauffer asks about the future watch list
-Tambo complements Stu Mcgregor for the Oilers drafting success and having two players in the top 15 on that list. First time in 20 years.
-Stauffer using a football analogy that is completely unnecessary to ask about who the Oilers should draft.
-Talking about Windsor VS Plymouth
-Tambo says its very exciting. Happy to see both in the same series. Makes mention of Fowler also which is interesting.
-Comparing Hall Vs. Seguin to Chris Gratton Vs. Jason Arnott. Nice!
Apparently Gratton was more physically mature than Arnott at the time and dominated him in a playoff series but Arnott turned out better.
-Tambo talking about knowing how to project based on many factors.
-Would the Oilers try to get both picks??
-Tambo doesn't think anyone would trade any lottery picks. But is looking forward to hearing if there are any offers.

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