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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
That would depend on what went on with him building up to that point for me .... if it came out of the blue after playing for a while and he wasn;t doing that then yeah but the original poster stated their team as a general whole were over roughing it from the first drop of the ball.

I would have done the same thing with this guy if it had been going on previously. Especially if someone mentioned it to them and they still did it.

But yeah I agree with you just dropping gloves and beating someone would not be cool.

For an example in one of our men's league games we were losing like 17 to 3 or something stupid like that, our goalie was awful that night as well as the team as a whole who did not do much to help him.

Well a guy scored and then hammed up a "neh-neh-nah nah nah" dance and celebrated like they won the stanley cup. Normally that in itself would not be cause to do anything other than to get a few chirps but that specific game was cheap, chippy and elbows up, sticks up etc. That was just "it" we had had enough. Right when he did that about 4 of us dropped gloves and went after him. i didn't get there first but whatever.

There is a line that can be crossed and hitting a woman and weighing 250lbs crosses it ... especially in a ball hockey game for amatures to boot.

Sometimes an ass kicking is required.

Fighting in hockey was partially devised as a tool to protect players for this very reason. if you could kick his ass it would not happen regularly unless they knew they would answer for it. I am replacing a skilled player who doesn;t fight with a female player in my analogy. basically the same difference there.

it would be nicer to see a woman drop her gloves and kick some guy's ass for a cheapshot.
I agree, I don't know if this is politically correct (but who cares sometimes...?) but sometimes, you gotta be chivalrous.

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