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03-31-2010, 03:41 PM
These guys suck
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Originally Posted by shoeshine boy View Post
speaking as a girl (despite my screen name yes, I am a girl) I'd say this poster hit the nail right on the head. I play in 2 adult hockey leagues. one is officially co-ed and the other technically isn't but there are about 20 women scattered through out the league of 40 teams. in the one that isn't co-ed it's still pretty female friendly. there are a few guys who have said moronic things like "women shouldn't be playing ice hockey." but it's usually after one of the women in the higher levels burns him like a piece of toast.
I hate it when I get cheap-shoted and a male teammate goes after the guy saying, "wtf? you don't hit a girl like that!". how about "you don't hit anybody like that!"?
I also hate it when I draw a penalty and I hear the guy say "you only called that because I hit a girl!". how about he called that because you cross-checked me down or punched me in the head?
I understand that most guys were raised to defend girls but unless you'd defend a male teammate similarly it's probably best to let your female teammates fight their own battles.
Hey when I'm on the floor I don't see male or female, just teammates and opposition

If a guy would've been cranked in the corner, I'd have done the same. It happens alot in the higher mens leagues. You don't typically see this kind of play in coed. I'm not trying to come off as some sort of macho ****** bag, I simply had a bit of a run in and I wanted to know how many people would've done the same.

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