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02-12-2005, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by jacklours
I had to reply to say I agree too, anyone who tells me that Graf ain't the best thing hasn't tried any. I don't understand what's going on with the company though I guess they were gonne close but never did, I just hope they don't. Also I've heard Sher-Wood was gonna buy Graf, I wish they did
I used 705s in 2002-2004 and while they were comfortable, after I switched to Vector Pros last year, there was no comparason. There was so much more ability to take a powerful stride with the Vector Pros compared to the Grafs. The Grafs were nice, but the new skates are way better than the older graf line from 02-04.
I'm sure the new grafs are nice though.

BTW, I like the XXX's a lot after having them for about 2 months now. The durability is a real issue though as the tongue has a cut in it from something and the thing on the inside edge, where the boot meets the toe, the kinda plastic thingy, it broke down really easy. Other than that though, they're reallly good skates, better than Vectors IMO, but I prefer stiffer skates and the Vapors to me are stiffer than the CCMs.

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