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03-31-2010, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
Hahahahaha. Numbers speak for themselves. Our post lockout D made **** goalies like Valiquette look good, a #5 or #6 goaltender like Lundqvist look like a #3 or #4, and made Weekes, wel, Weekes was unsalvageable.

Its not as good this season, and we've seen that,as Valiquette retreated to the minors and Lundqvist's GAA has gone up.
It was better over the past seasons, i'll agree, but it never was one of the best.

when they had tyutin and mara, and did not have redden the defense was at its best.

i'll also agree mara wasnt all that good, but i respected him because he was the first one to stick up for his team mates. he broke his hand once doing that. tyutin is also missed. the bad thing is though, the rangers wouldnt necessarily be missing these players if only they could call up their prospects. if redden and rosival were both gone and in their place was 2 prospect like sauer and McD, the defense would be back to normal again.

i wont say that rosival was never good. i appreciate his play when jagr was here, he was pretty solid then. but these past 2 and a half years, it hasnt been the same, and no where near what his contract pays him. i take out my frustration on rosival and redden and drury not because of their poor play all the time but because they get paid the amount they do and still play that way. it prohibits the rangers from trading for other players that would actually make this team better and more exciting.

i remember when the rangers first signed drury and gomez and jagr was still here. people predicted the rangers going all the way. that was a team that was something special. tyutin played great in the playoffs, girardi played great until that final overtime mis-kicked puck to hossa's stick, heck staal was even playing well, and it was like his first or 2nd season. rosival was actually "solid", i remember being happy with how he was playing. then all of the sudden drury's rib or hand or abdominal area injury came about, avery's spleen or appendix ruptured i forget which one, and it all came apart for the rangers. and after that offseason the rangers team was brand new, they didnt retain avery, they didnt retain jagr, they traded tyutin, and they signed redden. they had the right formula in place, a decent defense, a good offense, and an amazing goalie, and they downgraded both their defense and offense by resigning rosival to a 4 year 20 mill contract, signing redden to a 6 year 39 mill contract.

they no longer had goal scoring, they no longer had a good defense, and sather misinterpreted that as being renneys fault. for the record it was renney's "entire team has to play defense" mind set that was the cause of all those blocked shots. Once Sather made the mistakes he made and Renney was fired did we start seeing how terrible of a team the Rangers had become. It's a shame, they are my favorite NY team, and they have the most incompetent general manager in the entire league. I've never seen someone so clueless. Obviously handing out 5 mill a year to rosival and 6.5 mill a year to Redden and 7.1 mill a year to Drury shows his incompetence. Thats roughly 1/3 of the entire cap to 3, aging, underperforming athletes. It doesnt matter if one of them or 2 of them are playing better as of late, they do not earn their pay checks and thus i will always despise them for being on this team.

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