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03-31-2010, 09:39 PM
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I work at Pro Hockey Life in Ottawa, and we always go by comfort. If you feel like you're comfortable with your stick where it is right now, why mess with it? Especially if it's an expensive stick like an S17. If you really want to try out some different flexes, maybe buy a cheaper stick and cut it down, just to fool around with the flex and see if you like it better, before making a rash decision. All I'm saying is that while tweaking your stick may improve your game a bit, it may also hold you back. I'm using an 87 flex Bauer XXXX with a Naslund curve, but I don't cut my stick. I find on my slappers it gets a little too much whip, and have considered going up to the next flex. The wristers and snappers don't get any better, though, so since my slapshot isn't all that great regardless of which stick I use, I'm hesitant to buy a new stick in order to possibly improve an area of my game that just isn't going to get much better.

Also, we have very different builds, I'm 6 feet tall and a lanky 140. Basically skin and bones.

But honestly, just stick with what's working, you'll get used to the feel and improvements will come naturally.

Also, welcome to HF.

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