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02-12-2005, 10:00 PM
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yeah contracts run by calender dates not by actually seasons, so the year expires on the player contracts. so if the season is canceled, brian leetch becomes a ufa and jagr loses $11 mil worth of salary that he'll never see again...the players could sit out forever if their salaries were put on hold.

however it would be interesting to see what would happen if the nhlpa tried to fight this. back when alexei yashin held out, the league took him to court to argue that he didn't honor his contract so he still owed the senators another year and the court ruled in the leagues favor...

using the league's same logic, the nhlpa could argue that the nhl didn't honor their contracts so they still are owed another year.

larry brooks brought this up a few weeks ago and it wasn't a bad idea...people think the players should just accept a cap without thinking about what the players get in return. maybe as a part of a compromise the league can offer to honor the skipped year on contracts. basically saying "hey we know that we messed up and we are willing to accept responsiblity for what was done in the past. but once those contracts are paid off we need to wipe the slate clean and move forward"

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