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03-31-2010, 11:34 PM
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Hey everyone, thanks for the replies.

I'm going to try the skates a few more times before I start coming to any conclusions.

My main observations are:

-Grafs and Bauers have VERY different pitches. (Obvious, I know.) On Grafs, you can really get a full toe-push/snap in the stride. On Bauers, it's more about pushing off the whole blade.

-@Crosbyfan, The Bauer instructions say that the skates should be baked for a max of 2 minutes, but my proshop put them in for 10-12... on top of that, I didn't stand in them after baking but I purposely rolled my ankles inward occasionally, which may have warped the holders.

-@LarryO & HockeyFan68, After looking at a bunch of skates, I've realized that most holders aren't mounted perfectly identical relative to the bottom soles; they're mounted lined up relative to the overall boots.

-@Zetter, funny how you had the same story. I still think these skates could work out. So many NHLers were using them when they came out so they're obviously a good skate.

-The "philosophy" of Graf and Bauer boots is different too. Grafs feel like they're lower-cut around the ankles. There's still support, but you can flex your ankles much more. I'm not saying which is better, they obviously both work.

Again, thanks everyone. I'll update you after I skate on them for at least 3 more hours.

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