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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Well let's see, i stopped watching ranger games consistently right after the olympics. These last 5 or so games ive tuned in for a few periods. In almost every game i have been disgusted with Rosival's play.

His good games are games i dont notice mistakes he's made, which means he's invisible. He's unbearable to watch. He'll never stick up for his team mates, the first time i ever saw him stick up for someone was when Drury was getting his face pummeled and he intervened. He'll never stick up for himself for that matter either, he'll get pushed around, taken advantage of, challenged... still he will not fight or even be physical. I dont know about you but a good defenseman is 1 of 2 things: 1) Running the offense. It's rare to find one who can control the outcome on the opposing end of the ice. This defenseman usually runs the point on the power plays and shoots, meaning that the defense will have to worry about defending him when he has the puck or is on the ice. Rosival stopped shooting about 2 years ago. I dont think players care if he's on the ice one way or another, and before he recently started shooting more players on opposing teams would leave him alone to ensure that another player would not be able to get the puck... because he would pass up every opportunity he had to shoot. That being said Rosival lacks the qualities of being the 1st type of defenseman. 2) A player who is a shut down defender, can keep up with star players, a player not afraid to get down and block shots, or clear the crease for that matter. Usually this player is the enforcer and leader on the defense. Well here's some more bad news for Rosival supporters... He is not a shut down defender, he is too slow to keep up with star players or should i say most players for that matter, good or bad. The most effort i see Rosival giving to blocking a shot is to turn away from the puck being shot while putting his skates together... he will never get down to commit and commit to a block. And while this is not always found in this type of defender Rosival is not an enforcer. He's anything but, in fact i dont think i've ever seen him get into a fight. More importantly, while that may be a good thing that he is not a fighter, this means that he is unable to clear the crease, and i know that rangers fans as a whole, at some point over this season and seasons past have all cursed at the screen after witnessing the rangers inability to clear players in front of Henrik... usually leading to a goal...

Rosival is neither of these types, he's not a hybrid, he's just ordinary. He's not worth his 5 million. He's not worth even 4 million. He's worth 2.5-3 million tops, for at most 2 years. He hasnt set an example for the rookie defensemen, he hasnt taught them anything they havent already been taught.

I dont know if you've watched hockey as a whole or have just been limited to the Rangers because what you are saying shows no hockey knowledge. Yes he's been the rangers top defenseman, which is why this defense is so abysmal. He's not meant to be on the top pairing. He hasn't been solid in any meaning of the word. Being solid would mean that he is consistently playing well. Well he doesnt, if he has a stretch of good games then you know itll soon be overshadowed by a longer stretch of playing terrible games. Maybe you just havent watched other teams play, teams which have "solid" defenses, in which case it's understandable that you think rosival is good because he's just better than the majority of the rangers defense (which i dont know ive said but is pretty bad).

and i didnt get the ps3 reference.

you present a nice arguement and you've clearly given it a lot of thought

unfortunately most of it is just not true, there are several flaws in what you said

- Rosi is at his best against top players in the NHL...he makes mistakes here and there but as a whole i think he's done a damn good job of defending some of the leagues best talent

- by no means whatsoever does a player need to be an enforcer and fighter to be a shut down defensman, most people are in agreement that Marc staal is a pretty damn good shut down defender, you'd be hard pressed to try to find someone who lables him as an this point your just looking for extra reasons to knock rosi

- you saying this, "His good games are games i dont notice mistakes he's made, which means he's invisible." is a textbook example of rangers fans having no idea what they're looking at when it comes to defenseman....all they see is goals they score from the point, or goals against while they're on the ice

i wish fans would actually watch Dmen the same way they watch forwards....they have no problem noticing the things callahan and avery bring that don't show up on score sheets, but they refuse to look at anything else for defensemen

actually watch our defensmen for an entire shift, period, or game...whatch whats going on, how plays develope and end in our defensive zone, how goals against are scored

if anyone has tivo or a DRV, i recomend you rewatch the goals (more than jsut the final shot that they often replay on TV) analyze what really happened...thats what i did this season and found out a LOT about the play of our forwards around our blueline and int he neutral zone

so when you dont "notice him making a mistake" it usually means he's doing his primary job, defense (not scoring or enforcing), pretty ****ing good

the quick disclaimer: obviouslly he is overpaid, yes he will make some mistakes, yes our D isn't great....but the main point is that Rozsival, and our D as a whole, is not as bad as everyone LOVES to say

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