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04-01-2010, 09:13 AM
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Don't use Wd-40, it's not a good lubricant for things like bearings that roll at high speeds and get hot. To clean out your bearings you can buy a kit from Bones and soak them. You could also use something like paint thinner too if you already have it laying around the house. After soaking, make sure to dry them completely then lube them with a light grease. If you're buying new bearings they shouldn't be more than $30 for both skates. Remember you need 16 bearings (two for each wheel). See this article on cleaning skate bearings.

Wheels are about the same price--sometimes you can find a set of wheels that come with bearings. Buying them together can save you some money. Usually wheels last for quite a while, you should try skating on your old ones first and see how they feel. The bearings, on the other hand, will almost certainly need to be replaced. Good luck.

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