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02-12-2005, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Becuase with his contract, he is undtradeable.

"Remember what we got Jagr for? Carter, Anson Carter. I would make that trade even if the rest of my team are all AHL-ers. Whether we are rebuilding or cup-contending, Jagr is always > Carter."

There are several things wrong with that statement. The Rangers are a rebuilding team. Rebuilding teams have no need for Jagr. The Caps are also a rebuilding team. They turned Carter into a promising, young forward. The Caps were smart and the Rangers stupid. Rebuilding teams need promising young players, not Jagr.

"As for Bure... I love the guy, and I was very excited about the trade when it happened. The potential reward of having Bure even at 50% for what we've given up was plenty to be excited about."

What potential reward? The Rangers were not a playoff team before Bure, during Bure and after Bure. What reward? The chips traded could have been used in other ways. And the draft pick that was lost is lost permanently.
The Caps turned Carter into a promising, young forward? In which universe??

My universe:

Jagr - 32 years old. An absolute superstar still in his prime that wants to play in NY. Career stats are 1,027 games played, 537 goals, 772 assists, 1,309 points.

Carter - 30 years old (notice the whopping 2-year age difference), a decent/mediocre player with a weak shot who mainly scores garbage goals. Career stats are 529 games played, 158 goals, 180 assists, 338 points.

I'm sorry, what were you talking about again? I fail to see how ANYONE on ANY team in WHICHEVER stage of ANY era of hockey could preffer an Anson Carter over a Jaromir Jagr, for almost the same amount of money, no less.

And about the Bure thing... to me, the chips given up are still too insignificant to call it a bad trade, hindsight or not. Seeing that man in an NYR uniform playing his heart out was more than worth it.

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