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04-01-2010, 11:13 AM
Go Preds Go
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I miss a lot when I don't come on for a day.

Richie79: I assumed it was an April fool's day thing with his diatribe but then realized when he posted it wasn't 4/01 yet on your guys and gals end of the world.

As for rooting for another team, most of the 'old' timers around here know this but since we have a lot of young blood and since we're being honest with each other I'll state this again:

Being from Idaho (which I didn't take offense to when Harpoon Pete mentioned it) I didn't really get into hockey. I played the old school NES hockey game but that was about as close as I got for a long while.

Then on my 16th birthday a good friend who's originally from Detroit got me a Konstantinov jersey, and because of that I thought I owed it to him to root for the Wings.

That said I got sick of being called a bandwagon fan (which I guess I was more or less) but by then I had been following hockey for a while and couldn't stand any of the teams that are near Idaho. Then the Preds came into the league.

Have never been to Nashville but had always heard good things, I liked the name of the team and started following them as my 1B team. But when the Wings and Preds faced off in the playoffs for the first time, I switched and it was Preds 1A, by the end of the playoffs even losing to the Wings, I made it up in my mind that the Preds were the team I'd root for through thick and thin, and it became Preds first and foremost.

I'm sure someone like Richie79 would have a field day with me considering how hard he ripped into Midnight but meh. In fact, considering most foreigners here in Taiwan are Canadian I stand proud as not only one of the few Americans around, but also the American that likes hockey AND on top of that, in their minds people like me are destroying hockey by rooting for Nashville. **** the haters.

In fact some of my best friends here are Canadian but don't rag on Nashville at all, guess that's partly why we're friends. I went over to one's house to watch the gold medal game with them, it started at 4am here but we all were up watching it, I nearly lost it when it got tied up but then of course they had the last laugh when they won the game. Was something I'll never forget though.

And it's April 2nd already here in Taiwan, so none of this is an April Fool's Day joke.


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