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04-01-2010, 12:48 PM
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Bernier has played 2 games. 2 games.

His last game was better than Quick's last game.

I'm fine, happy even, that Bernier will start tonight. I'm even fine with Bernier outright stealing the number 1 job if he can, but he has to actually do that first.

Regardless, Bernier getting a shutout against Nashville has absolutely nothing to do with Quick's legitimacy as an NHL #1.

And no, starting a lot of games does not make you a #1. Starting a lot of games and winning most of them, does.

I didn't say "starting a lot of games makes you a #1", you conveniently left out the important condition "ON A PLAYOFF TEAM."

Last time I checked, all goalies slump, all goalies get wins because of the offense, but not all goalies are trusted to play 70+ games.

As MN14 correctly pointed towards, the stats won't tell you that Quick has shut down as many 3rd periods as he has. The stats don't provide for the Kings' weakened penalty kill this year.

You want to talk about Quick's numbers being worse this year? How about we look at the penalty kill, which has gone down 2.4% from 82.9 to 80.5. All of a sudden Quick's .007 drop in SV% and .06 drop in GAA don't look quite so bad. Now I know you will say that the PK is worse BECAUSE of Quick.

Fact of the matter is, you don't, and can't know this. Why?


Have you no concept of middle ground? So Quick is either stellar or just 'not terrible'? That's absurd. Quick is a damn good NHL goalie. He isn't elite, yet, but he is far beyond 'not terrible'.

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