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04-01-2010, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Omair Taher View Post
Yep. I believe that was just Kovalchuk's way of asking for a trade. I bet he and Grossman didn't expect DW to actually put those offers on the table.
No way does an agent spend all those ardous hours with Wadell if the end game is to be traded....

If that is the case his Agent simply tells Waddell in December, "Ilya is testing the open Market this summer"...Boom, no fuss, no muss -- trade happens.

The thing here is you guys logic just doesn't jive....

"He didn't want to be in Atlanta, therfore he didn't want to be the highest paid player"

The "highest paid player" were from at least 3 months of negotiations that I can tell from newspaper article dates. That wasn't just a ploy, that is a little insight into what that agent was thinking for his player.

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