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04-01-2010, 01:11 PM
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well thanks for the posts people, while I feel I handled the situation properly some of you disagree with my methods. Would I have reacted the same way had it been a male teammate? I don't know, the guys on my team are more than capable of standing up for themselves . Like most guys I was brought up to defend women, no way was she going to have to fight her own battles against someone weighing in at 250 or 150 for that matter. There's a time to let things slide and a time to kick some ass. And like I said from the start had the goon turned and apologized immediately all is forgiven, when he called her a diver **** hit the fan, this is supposed to be a fun league, it isn't competitive and the equipment we wear is bear minimum, we shouldn't have to ease up in the corners because some idiot has illusions that he's being scouted.

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