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04-01-2010, 01:27 PM
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Well, partially right. Taller people, in general, are less coordinated. As much as I hate basketball... How many people consider Dwight Howard a freak because he can do stuff only the "shorter" guys can do in his larger frame?

BUT, like I said in my earlier post, taller guys have longer strides. Which makes them faster than they appear.

Also look at guys like Ovechkin, they look like they're going a ton faster than everyone else but it's their choppy stride. North American trained players have a smoother skating style which doesn't make them look as fast as the Russians. The choppy stride looks a lot like a smaller guy skate because they're trying to use their foot speed to beat you instead of using their strength.

With long fluid strides, the springing of the deep knee bend to the outreached toe... Along with the longer runner all help enhance speed with consistent, powerful strides.

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