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Originally Posted by doublejack View Post
1. The game has opened up a little, but not much. The goalies are better now than they've ever been. Players are in far better physical condition than they've ever been. So, on balance I don't think there's much disparity. Fedorov had teammates (Shanny, Yzerman) who were scoring 40+ goals when he was not, while other players around the NHL were scorching the score sheet to the tun of 50 or 60 goals.

2. Fedorov had better talent around him for most of his career. Count the HoF players he had as linemates in his prime, and compare it to Z's situation. Huge difference.

I don't think the goalies are that much better. There was a lot of good goalies in the 90's. But we have gotten a little bit wider core of goalies. The physical conditions is better. Agreed.

But, the most improved part most be the defensive play. Before people would argue who is the best d-man. Can he slot into your top two? Or in some cases four. Now argues go to top 6. Is he a top 6 d-man? The overall defensive players have gotten much better. And teams are much more aware of systems to play or play against.

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