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02-13-2005, 04:08 AM
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Originally Posted by TiesRLikeWins4Us
Ive posted this before.. But Im still gonna contribute it here.

I like to consider myself a neutral supporter. In some instances I agree with the PA, and in some instances I agree with the Owners. But when the players in the NHL signed in the NHL, they abide to play under the rules. Play under the leagues rules. Its not the players game. They can't take the game over.

If you do not like the conditions you are playing under then just leave. By signing into the NHL you should have thought about the working conditions. Now, they ***** and moan at the owners for certain things they don't like about the game. Well, news flash.. Its not your job to decide what goes on in the NHL. All you do is play in the league, not make business decisions. If the NHL wants to implement a hard cap, then so be it. Thats the way it should be.

The players get paid to play hockey. Thats what they lived their entire lives for. For them to try and decide how the league should be run is ridiculous. Now, no I don't agree that a Hard Cap is the only way, as a matter of fact I think that the owners should back off that stance. Its not a perfect world, there are going to be flaws in every CBA proposed. The players have to understand that.

Now I know this argument is going to pop up. Ok, if your boss makes a change that you don't like. And this CHANGE will BETTER THE ENVIORNMENT THAT YOU WORK IN, You don't STOP working. You keep working even if you don't like the change. Eventually its gonna be known that the change he made is not very popular around the office, (construction field, w/e) and he will consider a change. Nobody likes to have unhappy employees.

The players just have to live with the fact that there is going to be a hard cap. I know that it may not seem right, but they have to deal with it. Probably if there is still an outcry that they hate it, it will get changed. But the fact of the matter is they are still getting paid to play hockey (which is supposed to be the game they love) so why can't they put money aside? Its not like they aren't going to get paid.

Its a shame to see what proffesional atheletes have come to. The greed is just unbelievable. Its not just hockey look at the Lakers last year. Look at G.P. now, look at Kobe. Ego's have taken over the game and its not a good thing to see.
The players are trying to work under the owners rules and they understand their is a problem. They took a 24% salary hit. Let's not forget who offered the players their contracts. If, there is going to be a hard cap atleast make it, so the players will atleast consider it. There not going to accept a 42 million dollar cap. That number should atleast go up year after year just like other sports. This deal is going to last atleast 6 years so, this is also the players future. It's not like the players are denying their is a problem because no matter what at the end of the day the players all around are going to lose a lot but the way I see it the owners not only want to win in this agreement, they want to destroy.

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