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Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
are you ****ers kidding me? ITS COED, the name implies that its for both sexes you ****ing **********. And let me tell you if some dickwad laid out a woman on my team I would beat the **** out of him.

And no I'm not some McSorley wanna be, but my old man taught me how to treat a woman. With ****ing respect.
The problem is, people see it in two different lights.
A) Its a men's league that is allowing women to play, so they've got to step up and be able to take it; the environment is more male-oriented and competitive/aggressive
B) It is an unspoken intention of the arrangement that men are to tone it down so that the women can play with them, and it's more of a friendly environment

Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I'm not touching that one.

But I will add that anyone being rough at a coed game needs his ass kicked end of story. You did what I would have.

Some women have told me after skating into each other not to worry about it as they like to play that way. You know women these days have the "We're not girls, we're women" type things. I love women for not being weak nowadays.

I hope to see women in the NHL someday as people who can play and not as a novelty. They are getting better and better and someday it will be common place for rough stuff in the corner with the opposite sex even at an amature coed game.
I don't think we'll see that happen, and if it does, it will be in a long time. The game is growing a lot in North America, but it is still very very far behind, and understandably so. The Canadian women's hockey team, the best team in the world, practices with a season against 16 year old AAA players..

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