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04-01-2010, 06:02 PM
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The way skates are built these days, the loop around doesn't help. Back in the day it might have. Modern materials around the ankle provide the support, the laces just need to be done up properly. To paraphrase my instructor, it looks cool but it won't help you. And when you start movingyour ankle as you skate it'll loosen your laces even more as your leg pushes on the loop.

Get your heel (esp. the back) as snug as possible to the back of the boot. I watched a Youtube video that mentioned it and had a "Oh, right!" moment as I forgot. So I started making sure the heel was as snug and tight as possible to the back by stomping the heel before lacing up. Made a huge difference to pretty much every aspect of my skating. Better control and power.

Compared to having any wiggle room around the heel & ankle, it's night & day. Like comparing floppy sandals to good fitting running shoes.

It's all about the heel & ankle area nice and snug (without cutting off the circulation or being overly uncomfortable), IMHO.

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