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04-01-2010, 06:17 PM
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Didn't Bowman put Fedorov on defense as sort of a "punishment" for what he saw as lackluster effort? I also recall that Fedorov was kind of perplexed by the whole thing. I think that's why he ultimately took less money to leave. Am I misremembering things?

Fedorov had physical skills on a level that Hank will never be able to match. Hank, on the other hand, has something that Sergei never had. Hank is one the most relentless players I've ever seen.

They have different styles. Sergei is like the classmate you had that got great grades because he was so freaking smart; he didn't always have to try that hard. Hank is the guy that had to pull all-nighters just to pass.

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