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04-01-2010, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by DevilsFan38 View Post
Since you're looking for another woman's point of view, I completely agree with this. If I'm playing in a men's league I don't want or expect to be treated any differently than the guys.
Apparently the 16 year old young lady i played with earlier today felt that way. She used the same lockeroom as the guys.

No joke.

I had never seen that before ever. You (women) have come a long way baby.

So yeah seriously she did more than once, last week i figured well maybe it was just something odd but she did it again this week. The guys are in there waiting for her to leave more or less before undressing.

She went into the shower in her clothes she came in and put on here compression shorts and sports bra out of sight and di the same thing after she was done.

The point was 5 minutes either way and some of us were nakie in there. I'm sure she could do without seeing a 42 year old man naked in a lockeroom.

But anyway I have been contemplating mentioning it to the rink manager that maybe she should be using the girl's lockeroom across the other side of the rink used for the officials.

But anyhew ..... been playing for 35 years or so and that was the first and second time i see that within 2 weeks times. Does she have a screw loose? Immature for her age and doesn;t realize she is now about 16 years old and should not feel like she is changing with her brothers?


I should add that she is fit and well developed and it made me feel uncomfortable I guess is my point. When you are 42 young women look 18 at 16 and in fact I cannot tell age difference in young women anymore that range from 16 to 22 or so.

I see this also when i look at my picture at 16 to 22 .... i'm like "who the hell is that guy anyway lol".

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