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04-02-2010, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Right before in the defensive end, Suter got the puck out and as Perron was skating by him gave him a nice whack on the hand/stick. Suter was none too pleased about it and chirped at the ref. I saw him look at his hand and the butt of his stick and then he went to the bench. He must've kept chirping from there to get the misconduct.
They were talking on the post game show last night that that was the only plausible reason Suter got a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I'm glad to see Suter standing up since he doesn't usually do that.
Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I now absolutely hate St. Louis. I have no respect for these guys whatsoever. These guys come in with high elbows, cheap shots after the whistle, actually looking like they're trying to injure other players. Just not cool in my book. Perron is a little punk. I can't tell you how many times I saw him take whacks at our guys after plays or after the puck was gone and ref was looking the other way. I cannot stand them. They make me sick to my stomach.

I don't like Detroit at all either but I also have a respect for them and some of their skill guys. They play tough and will whack our guys around a little here and there but for the most part they bring it hard yet clean. St. Louis doesn't and it I'm over it. They can just sit home and watch us in the playoffs. Too bad little Paulie wasn't out there tonight as I would've loved to have seen him get hit a few times.

Honestly, I was hoping it would end up like this, them taking cheap shots at us and us keeping our composure and winning the game. That's the way to beat these little fockers.
They are one of, if not THE dirtiest team I've seen in the NHL. They were the ones that injured Erat and Klein (and maybe one other?) in the same game back in December. It's like they aren't skilled enough to actually win a game, they have to stoop to beating up our players and eliminating the competition that way.

Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
On a different note, how can one not like Hornqvist. The kid is a beast. Same for Wilson. Two young kids that are only going to get better with experience. Rinne playing like we all thought he could. Hamhuis settling down nicely and playing some really good hockey since the break. Bouillon is fun to watch as he doesn't take any ***** from anyone out there. Let's go into Detroit and get 2 points and keep the ball rolling into the playoffs.
Right on! Our guys are doing great out there... very pleased with what I'm seeing. It makes the upcoming playoffs that much more exciting!

Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
Next Saturday they are going to come back in here just looking to hurt someone before the playoffs. Dirty jagoffs.
I know, and that sort of scares me. I hate that they are the last team we play in the regular season. Is it their last game too? Just checked, yep, it's their last... fortunately, they have four games between then and now, including a back-to-back the night before. So they should be more tired, thus allowing us to beat the hell out of them and take the win.

Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
That goal was crap. The Blue player freaking knocked Rinne over and did a flip himself. I think back to the game in Colorado in January when we had a tieing goal waived off for goalie interference. Their goalie came out of his crease and Patrick Hornqvist was going to the front of the net (not in the crease!) and they just bumped skates and Anderson barely fell backwards. I don't see how the STL one is allowed and ours is waived off.

Then to call the goalie interference on Boyd?! When he got pushed into the goalie.
I kept screaming that anyone can get a goal if you trample the goaltender right before your teammate shoots it in. Tsk. Don't remind me of that game [the Avs one]... I was so effing mad at that disallowance, what a load of bull. Horny nudged Anderson's skate, then we scored a good 5 seconds later. Yeah, interference my ass. Last night was interference...

Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
I missed that!
I have it on my DVR. I'll snap a picture for you if you like.

Originally Posted by SLake View Post
That incident enough was evidence for me that the game was filled with stupidity and cheap dirty play. What a complete joke...
That's what the Blues are this year, a joke. They aren't really playing hockey, they are playing eliminating-players-so-we-have-a-better-chance. Just shows their lack of talent and respect for the game. From here on out I'll be cheering for anyone who's against them.
Originally Posted by jlsg View Post
On the Sully goal, Ward said on the post game that they practice that play. Tried it a couple of times and this one clicked.
I have 0 respect for that team. They were building something at one point but now they're just a bunch of goons. Shame for the Blues fans. You have to feel for guys like Kariya and Mason. You can question what they did on the ice, but both were class guys. I'd be embarrassed to be part of a team like that.
Do you excuse Mason and Kariya because they are former Preds? I group 'em all together now...

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