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04-02-2010, 12:25 PM
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Newbie's observations on playing ice hockey

Well, I'm now a grizzled veteran of all of 6 weeks of playing ice hockey (open hockey/scrimmages, still no "real" games yet), and after ~20 years or so of basketball, I have taken note of the following:

1-there is far less trash talking in hockey - in basketball, there is constant chatter and commenting - not nearly as much in hockey

2-after scoring in hockey, even if it was a spectacular goal, you are only supposed to go up to the teammate who most recently passed you the puck, and punch gloves. None of the posing, laughing, whooping it up like in basketball.

3-in the same vein as #2, hockey players' overall demeanor is generally far more calm - far less emotion is displayed during the game.

In b-ball, you can let much more hang out. It seems that either hockey just attracts a more emotionally calm, less boastful person, or that to be successful you have to keep your emotions in check during the game.

4-i know hockey is a tradionalist's sport, but as an outsider coming in, the "uniform", i.e., socks, pants, etc., are in desperate need of modernization.

Wearing hot sweater socks while playing is ridiculous, and the pants are just bizarre. Its like a person stepped out of the dark ages to play hockey - I personally think that losing a company like Nike, who was trying to bring a fresh perspective to the game wear, is a big loss.

Its just my humble opinion, but I think that the outfits needs a whole redesign, with just about everything but the skates to be looked at.

5-I took up hockey as I've always wanted to play, but I think in many ways its more stressful than work! As I mentioned in the other thread, I will stay with it even though I've had a few collisions the past few weeks, but I think I might need to pick up something easier as a stress reliever...maybe knitting...

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