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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
Ive been devfending him, but Id say maybe a week or so after the olympic break its looked like he could careless about anything. Just seems like his head isnt in the game anymore. Hes been making some real questionable decisions on the ice
It's been an issue all year, particularly when Gagne has been on his line. He's been trying to make too many pretty plays and force passes where they shouldn't go. His game has always had this element to it, but this year he's taken it way too far.

Originally Posted by Bob Clarke Fan Club View Post

He's always been patient to a fault with the puck. In fairness to him, he's made some spectacular passes because of his patience. I'm still a fan but I'm coming down to Earth. Those Bob Clarke comparison's were not fair to him. Handing the captaincy over to him at that age may not have been the best move either. The media has had a field day with him and IMO that can never be positive for a young guy in the NHL or any major sport for that matter.
I'm not sure if you can avoid the player comparisons (for any player), but it became apparent very early on that he wasn't a huge fan of dealing with the media...which the organization should have taken into greater consideration with the whole captaincy thing. I would have been a fan of Timonen, Kapanen, and Knuble in recent years for the role of captain, as I think all of 'em are stand up guys that are (or were) completely comfortable talking to the media. This year you have Pronger, and I do think he needs to learn to tone it down a bit. I have no problem with him talking to the media, but he needs to be a bit wiser in how he talks about the team.

I continue to view Richards as an exceptional leader on the ice, but I do think the organization needs to take a step back on the PR front and figure out how to avoid some of the BS that has swirled around the team. Frankly, I think they need to do a better job of backing up the stories that pissed him off were completely reasonable stories to get pissed about, IMO. If the reporters want to talk about hockey, fine. But these stories about the drinking and whatnot read like 50 y/o dudes that have never made great money in their live being cranky about rich, young guys having a good time...until one of these guys really does something wrong--and, no, having your picture taken in a bar and posted on the internet isn't something wrong--I don't want to hear about it.

EDIT: Of course a major source of the problem is that Holmgren turned all that into a story last one of the great pot/kettle moments I've witnessed.

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