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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post

4-i know hockey is a tradionalist's sport, but as an outsider coming in, the "uniform", i.e., socks, pants, etc., are in desperate need of modernization.

Wearing hot sweater socks while playing is ridiculous, and the pants are just bizarre. Its like a person stepped out of the dark ages to play hockey - I personally think that losing a company like Nike, who was trying to bring a fresh perspective to the game wear is a big loss.

Its just my humble opinion, but I think that the outfits needs a whole redesign, with just about everything but the skates to be looked at.
Thank god you never had to use older equipment. Being born in 83 I grew up using pretty modern equipment by today's standards, but the stuff they had before was outrageous. So just to tell you that the equipment they are selling now in the perfect blend of comfort and modernization.

Nike owns Bauer and a bunch of old hockey equipment manufacturers, they simply didn't stop making hockey equipment. What they did however was take their name off the Bauer name to appeal to the traditionalists who thought a staple brand such as Bauer shouldn't be associated with Nike. However, they have bit of influence that they've had in past few years. Be it they have toned down their designs for the same aforementioned reasons.

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